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NEMA Definitions

Alarm Types and Fire Department Equipment Response

The Naperville Fire Department has defined a set of alarm types for fire incidents. These are listed below with the equipment that is scheduled to respond on the run and box cards.
Still one engine
One and One one engine and one truck
Full Still two engines, one truck, one medic, and Battalion Chief
General Alarm three engines, two trucks, two medics, squad 8, MABAS Air 16, Battalion Chief, Operations Chief and Training Chief (Safety)
Box Alarm (MABAS) Mutual Aid is called through MABAS. Equipment includes; six engines, three trucks, Squad 8, MABAS Air 16, MOC1, three medics, Fire Chief, Battalion Chief, "Chief on Deck", Operations Chief and Training Chief (Safety)
Higher level Box Alarms have additional equipment.

In addition, there are several other types of alarms. These include:
Medic NEMA typically responds on a 2nd Medic Box alarm
Water Rescue  NEMA typically responds on a general alarm
Haz Mat NEMA typically responds on a general alarm
Technical Rescue NEMA typically responds on a general alarm
Tender (e.g. Tanker) NEMA typically responds on confirmed general alarm
There is also a "specialized rescue" alarm, for the specialty teams that corresponds roughly to a "Full Still".

The NEMA Field Unit is scheduled to respond for all General Alarm incidents and above. Also, the NEMA Field Unit is scheduled to respond with MABAS Air 16 to all Mutual Aid Box Alarms.

Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid is the process, through pre-arranged agreements, of one emergency response organization giving aid to another, and vice-versa. Specific resources or general assistance may be obtained from one or more organizations in time of need.

Naperville EMA has EMA Mutual Aid agreements with individual organizations, as well as agreements at the county level which allows access to all participating agencies in the county. Mutual Aid will be requested by the NEMA Volunteer Coordinator or designate; any Mutual Aid response to other communities by Naperville EMA must be approved by the NEMA Volunteer Coordinator or designate. NEMA units will not respond to out-of-town Mutual Aid requests without proper authorization.

The following is an approximate list of organizations having EMA Mutual Aid agreements with Naperville:

  • Aurora EMA
  • DuPage County EMA
  • Elgin EMA
  • Kane County EMA
  • Montgomery EMA
  • North Aurora EMA
  • Plainfield EMA
  • Will County EMA

In addition, all municipal EMA organizations in DuPage and Will Counties can be utilized for mutual aid under special agreements.

The Naperville Fire Department is part of the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) Division 16 along with Downers Grove and Lisle-Woodridge. MABAS is a region wide mutual aid system covering all of Illinois and parts of surrounding states. The Field Operations Unit is also subject to MABAS Fire Department mutual aid responses.

MABAS Air 16 is a MABAS asset and available for incidents throughout the MABAS network.

MOC1 is available for incidents throughout DuPage County and the MABAS network.


Passport is a mechanism for establishing an emergency incident perimeter personnel accounting system. Components include: Helmet Shield, Name Tag, and Passport boards.

The NEMA helmet shield has a blue background with an organization ID of NEMA. Each person will have three white name tags with name and organization.The passport boards are in three locations:

  1. Primary Passport - White - is kept with the team leader and is used to document the location of the team. May be transferred to Incident Command.
  2. Backup Passport - Red - is kept on the officer (e.g. passenger) side of the vehicle.
  3. Reserve Passport - Green - is kept in quarters.

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