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NEMA Organization Structure

EMA Structure within the City

NEMA is organized as a "Fire Corps" organization. The Fire Corps provides a linkage to the Department of Homeland Security "Citizen Corps" programs.

NEMA volunteers report to the Naperville Emergency Management Coordinator. The Emergency Management Coordinator may choose to appoint an individual or individuals to serve as the NEMA/Fire Corps representative(s) on the Naperville Citizen Corps Council.

NEMA Volunteer Organization Structure

The volunteer organization has several functional units, each having distinct, non-overlapping, functional and operational roles. Each unit will be headed by a single volunteer officer appointed by the Emergency Management Coordinator. Depending on the needs of each unit; the units may have additional officers. The Emergency Management Coordinator may also designate Administrative and/or Training officers.

Description of the NEMA Units

The NEMA volunteer organization is comprised of two separate sections. Each section has three units, each unit having a distinct role and function.

Operations Section Units

The Operations Section is comprised of three units. The primary responsibility of the Field Operations Unit is to provide operational emergency/disaster services to the City of Naperville and it’s mutual aid partners including providing operational support to the Naperville Fire Department at incident scenes and to other Naperville city agencies or Mutual Aid as requested.

The SAR Unit provides qualified search and rescue capability affiliated with Will County Search and Rescue.

The MOC1 Support group provides support for the Mobile Operations Center.

All Operations Section Units will also provide support for special events.

Support Section Units

The Support Section has three units. The Communications Unit responsibility includes the establishment and providing of ancillary communications during times of limited communications, including disasters and emergencies. The Communications Unit may also establish ancillary communications when requested during declared city-wide or mutual aid incidents.

The Weather Unit will establish and operate "EOC Weather Operations" and to provide weather spotting services during times of potentially damaging weather.

Finally the EOC Support Unit keeps the EOC in operating condition and provides operational support in the EOC when the EOC is in use.

All Support Section Units will also provide support for special events.


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