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Field Unit

Field Operations Unit Expectations

Due to the nature of the function and role of the Field Operations Unit there are requirements, in addition to the general NEMA requirements, placed on volunteers in this unit.

  • Be able respond to Naperville Fire Station 7 in less than 20 minutes after being paged.
  • Be able to carry 30 pounds (2- SCBA bottles or a SCUBA vest) for some distance over uneven terrain with marginal lighting conditions.
  • Be able to obtain a Class B non-CDL Drivers License (NFD/NEMA will train)
  • Be able to function in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Field Operations Unit Work Conditions

The Field Operations Unit "normal" work conditions are outside, year around, in all weather conditions. Frequently the unit’s work location will be on a Fire Department incident. Field Operations Unit volunteers are not to be in the "hot" zone of any incident and also, generally not in the "warm" zone of incidents. Field Operations Unit personnel will be issued protective clothing appropriate for Field Operations Unit working conditions.

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