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NEMA Search Team Requirements and Expectations

SAR Team Volunteer Requirements

Due to the nature of the function and role of the SAR Team there are requirements, in addition to the general NEMA requirements, placed on volunteers in this team.

  • Be able respond to Naperville Fire Station 7 in less than 30 minutes after being requested.
  • Be able to carry a 20 pound pack for two miles in moderate terrain within 32 minutes.
  • Be able to function in a wide range of environmental conditions.
  • Maintain an active status with Will County SAR

SAR Team Work Conditions

The SAR Team "normal" work conditions are outside, year around, in non-severe weather conditions. SAR Team personnel will be issued protective clothing appropriate for SAR Team working conditions.

SAR Team Participation Expectations

The SAR Team will respond to a number of "live" incidents and a number of "special events" each year. These incidents, as well as training and work activities form the body of activities in which team members participate. The following list contains the general participation expectations for SAR Team personnel.

  • Participate in regular meetings, exercises and work sessions
  • Be current with NEMA and Will County GSAR training standards
  • Participate in a minimum of 30% of all callouts and 40% of special activities
  • 50 hours per year of total NEMA participation
  • NEMA SAR volunteers are expected to not have any other emergency response responsibilities that would interfere with their ability to respond to a NEMA SAR callout. This also means that the volunteer must have no conflicts between units or teams within NEMA.

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