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NEMA Search and Rescue Team Structure

The NSAR Team will have two Captains, one of Operations and the other of Technical Services who are appointed by the Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Naperville or designee. The title for these leaders will be "NSAR Captain Operations" and "NSAR Captain Technical Services". The NSAR Captains will report to the Emergency Management Coordinator or designee. Collectively these two roles will be referred to as NSAR officers.

If the NSAR Team is of such a size that span of control, coordination or workloads are an issue for a single officer, additional officers may be appointed by the Emergency Management Coordinator at the request of the NSAR Captains.

The NSAR officers, as a group, are responsible for the planning, leadership and development of the NSAR Team.

To support incidents, the NSAR Team will be organized into crews, each headed by a Crew Leader.

Members may be assigned to specific functional positions, such as Quartermaster or training, within the NSAR Team without being appointed as an officer.

The size of the NSAR Team will be limited to 20 Team members. Members of other NEMA Units may participate in NSAR Team activities and training.

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