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Examples of Radar from StormLab®

The pictures shown on this page were extracted from a class that NEMA presents for "Weather Command" training.

The source of the pictures is a very capable program called StormLab® that presents multiple views of the NWS Radar data.

High Wind Pockets

: The pictures are from the O'Hare and Midway Terminal Doppler Weather Radars. They show a very small but very strong pocket of air (84-87 mph) which formed in a thunderstorm just to the southwest of Naperville. The pocket of wind moved slight north of east producing considerable tree and power line damage starting in the Oswego area, through the south tip of Naperville, through Bolingbrook and east into Downers Grove and Westmont. The green/blue colors is air moving toward the radars, which in this case are in Cook County, to the east of Naperville.

87mph wind pocket from ORD TWDR Radar      70knt wind pocket from MDW TWDR 3
87 Mph Wind Pocket from Ohare Approach Radar
click on the image to enlarge
     70 Knt wind Pocket from Midway Approach Radar
click on the image to enlarge

Tornado near Springfield, Ill

This is a picture from the NWS radar office in Lincoln IL. A tornado (EF1) is on the ground only 5 miles from the radar. This tornado earlier was in the city of Springfield as an EF3. The wind couplet of red/green in the circle is the tornado circulation. Green wind toward the radar, red away from the radar. The radar beam is about 250 feet above the ground, so we are looking at the tornado circulation at this level.

Tornado Near Springfield
Tornado 5 miles from Radar near Springfield, IL
click on the image to enlarge

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